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Swipe Wave Connect

Bumble BFF's matching process is designed for dating, not for friendship. Our app employs a unique matching system that poses a significant improvement for connecting with friends: Swipe / Wave / Connect.

Show Who You Are

What you listen to, the countries you've visited, your favorite nightclubs—any and all the things that show who you are. LocoVoco integrates Instagram, Spotify, and TripAdvisor so you can fully show your interests and passions.

No Gender Exclusion

Our app is for everyone; while the majority of our users are women, it's at its core an inclusive platform. Whether you identify as a woman, a man, trans, non-binary, or whoever you identify as, you are welcome here.

1,000's of friendships already made

"I was looking for a new friendship App, LocoVoco is cool and I love that it uses a different approach from Tinder for matching up with new friends"

Sara 25

"I installed the App as part of the Glasgow trial, the app was really fun and something new and I met a new friend, Yay 👯"

Freddy 26
Junior Software Developer

"I met a new friend Yani on LocoVoco, I loved how the App looked"

Sascha 23
Economics Student

"I'm in Malta looking for new friends, I trialled out the App, It will be great when it is launched on the island and I can meet some new friends for the beach 🏝️"

Ilgen 27
Bar Manager

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