LocoVoco, finally a cool friendship App

There are many friendship apps available such as Bumble BFF, Tinder Social, Peanut, and Hey Vina. Unfortunately, many of these apps either stem from dating apps or don't cater to a specific demographic. LocoVoco proposes a new solution to this porblem, a cool new friendship app that's designed specifically for people who are under 28, progressive, and looking to make new friends.

We care about you making friends

Our app is not just another social media platform. At its core, it's designed to help you get out and meet new people. We deeply care about this issue, having seen firsthand how difficult it can be for young people to make friends. With the added challenges posed by the pandemic, we knew this was a problem we wanted to help solve.

We are a small team of people trying to improve the world

The LocoVoco team is made up of people from diverse work backgrounds, including marketing, programming, and economics. Our shared belief is that a new friendship app is sorely needed, and we've come together to build one. There simply is no equivalent of Tinder in the friendship space, and we are going to change that.

We have values and we live by them

We want to create a company that is different, a company that actually stands for something, you can read about our companies values in our Manifesto.


How are you different from Bumble BFF?

Bumble BFF, Peanut, and Hey Vina all use the same matching approach: you both have to like, to see the other persons like. This approach was designed to address the problem of men swiping right on many profiles and overwhelming women with matches. However, we've taken a different approach, when you wave (our version of a like) at someone's profile, they'll always see your wave. We believe this is a better approach for making friends, especially since our app is primarily used by women to meet other women.

Who is the app for?

Our app is designed for everyone, but our core user group is women under the age of 28. One of our main features is the ability to filter who sees your profile and which profiles you see. This feature allows our app to be for everyone while also letting you choose whether you want to only make new girl friends (platonic of course).

What countries are you currently available in?

We have chosen Madrid as our initial launch city, and will be launching in other European cities after this.

How can I stay safe on LocoVoco?

We want to ensure that meeting new friends with LocoVoco is a completely safe experience. Our guidelines specify that the app is for friendship only, if you feel anyone is being inappropriate to you, then you can easily report this in the app. Of course, we also include functionality for blocking users. We are currently working on bringing more safety features such as identity verification to the app.

Is my data safe and private?

Your data is completely safe and private with us. We are an experienced group of programmers who use the latest technologies and practices so that all chat and matching data used on the app is completely secure. We will never sell your data, that is not our business model. In a nutshell, you can use our app and be assured that your app data is completely safe and private.

I want to hear more, how do I get involved?

A lot is happening with the LocoVoco app and community, sign up to our newsletter and we will keep you updated.