Make New Friends In The Real World

Our app is not intended for online messaging, we are not a social media platform, there are already plenty of those available. The Covid pandemic has demonstrated the importance of establishing friendships and connecting in person. Our startup's fundamental objective is to facilitate the creation of billions of new friendships worldwide.

Gender Equality In Everything We Do

Our app is designed to be inclusive of all individuals, regardless of gender identity. Although the majority of our users are women, we welcome and encourage people of all genders to join our community. Female, male, non-binary, trans, or any other gender identity, you are completely welcome in our app community.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Our app has a strict policy against any usage that deviates (dating) from our core mission of making friendships. We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive space for everyone to connect. To achieve this, we're constantly working on adding new features such as photo and age verification to ensure that our app is a safe platform for making new friends.